Environmental Issues Attorneys

Crystal Lake, Illinois

Campion, Curran, Lamb & Cunabaugh, P.C. offers services in all aspects of environmental law and regulation on the local, state and federal levels. Environmental law services are not restricted to large industrial companies but may be helpful for any company whose operation may affect air, surface water, land, or may produce hazardous waste, groundwater or noise problems.

Our Crystal Lake environmental issues attorneys counsel clients regarding the restrictions imposed by Federal, State and local codes, ordinances and regulations which may affect their existing or intended use of property. We also advise clients concerning hazardous waste issues and other pollution related matters, aids clients with the regulatory restrictions affecting the use of their property or business including issues relating to wetlands, flood plains, health codes and liquor licensing. Our attorneys are able to help with applicable zoning, subdivision and building codes, and advising clients on filings required for Army Corps, IEPA, OSHA, FEMA, IDOT and other regulatory agencies.

For over 150 years our law firm has been providing many real estate legal services including:

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