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Crystal Lake, Illinois
These days, dealing with the bank has become exponentially more difficult. Bank credit has tightened up, and loan documentation can in some cases run more than 100 pages. Whether you have a multi-million dollar commercial loan, or a residential loan, with a mortgage against your house, the terms of the loan documents can place significant burdens on a borrower. Our lawyers have the expertise to advise you on the effect of the loan terms, and to know what loans and banks are flexible enough to negotiate with, and what terms are worth the effort and cost to change.

The lawyers at Campion, Curran, Lamb & Cunabaugh, P.C. are able to advise and represent clients in mortgage financing or refinancing loans. Our lawyers have many years of experience in real estate law and banking law while representing homeowners and commercial property owners in every mortgage and foreclosure scenario.

Campion, Curran, Lamb & Cunabaugh, P.C. understands financing and refinancing law. Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers.

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