Most people get along pretty well in their marriages, but it will be a lie to generalize such an assertion since every marriage faces ups and downs. If the parties involved lack the emotional intelligence to handle situations, it can set the pace for misunderstanding and, finally, divorce.

But when misunderstanding graduates to domestic violence, there is a need to take action to avoid future regrets. Domestic violence spans beyond just a spouse raising a hand on the other, as it comes in different forms.

If you’re in this ugly rut and confused about what to do, rest assured that you’re not alone. In the presence of domestic violence, victims often battle with physical and emotional trauma, unregulated aggression, mental illness, PTSD, etc.

So, it is paramount you seek help if you’re a victim of domestic violence.

Your Safety Comes First

In most cases, the victim feels trapped in an abusive marriage. They might consider divorce, but this action is merely secondary and assures the safety of the children, family members, or anyone at risk from an abuser.

Some victims of domestic violence are afraid that walking away might trigger an outburst. Even when divorce is possible, they often choose to stay as they have given up already. It is common for victims to feel trapped, but seeking the right help will ensure you bring a stop to your pain and suffering.

How Domestic Violence Affect Divorce

Depending on your state, you can file a fault-based divorce as a reason for divorce. However, many states don’t have this provision, and thus, the spouse will have to cite some irreconcilable differences that can warrant divorce.

In most states where domestic violence and marital cruelty are cited, it will impact how assets are shared. Indeed, domestic violence gives you a better edge on getting a better settlement.

Impact Of Divorce On Child Custody

Custody laws vary from states to state, but one common attribute all have in common is taking the child’s best interest.  Some states in the U.S will demand that both parents be active in raising the child.

In most cases where domestic violence was intense, parents privileged might be utterly denied for some apparent reasons.  Sometimes, a small window period can be offered but with strict supervision. After a while, the abuser can request for more visitation rights with improved behavior.

Getting The Best Divorce Lawyer

To ensure that your divorce process goes as planned, you will need to work with a skilled or experienced attorney to help guide. Through their expert advice, you will know what to do and how to do it.

In case you’re looking for a reliable lawyer to help process your divorce, do contact us for a quote. We’ve been working with individuals like you, and so far, our experience has been pleasant and successful.


Divorce is never a pleasant measure to take, but it is necessary when faced with domestic violence. For your protection and that of everyone concerning the abuser, you need to take this gigantic step to avoid regrets.

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