It is illegal to drive without a license, as it can stir up severe consequences to the defaulter. However, driving without a license depends immensely on the context of the expression. Forgetting your driver’s license at home instead of intentionally driving without a license isn’t the same.

Not having a license is where the severe offense lies since you’re intentionally violating the law. Forgetting a permit at home might not get you into serious trouble since it is considered a minor offense.

However, it is worth noting that leaving your driver’s license at home will never play in your best interest. It might carry a lesser consequence, but it isn’t something you should neglect. When such an incident happens more often, you risk getting your license revoked.

Driving Without A License As A Minor

If you have not reached the legal age to drive a car, this could spell some serious issues. If an accident were to happen in such a situation, it would not be insured since the insurance policy has been violated. However, if an accident did happen, the driver will be tried as an adult.

Depending on state law, the individual can be fined, arrested, or perhaps imprisoned. There are numerous cases where the court may prohibit the individual from obtaining a license until 21 years of age.

If the minor holds a driving permit, they are likely to face legal consequences if they go against the laws guiding driving. Going contrary to the permit laws enacted can spell some disaster.

Moving To A New State

If you become a permanent resident of another state, would you need to get a new license? The answer is yes; not just a new driver’s license, but a new license plate as well. Since every state has its laws, it is paramount you follow the due processes to acquire a new permit.

If someone moves to a place like Texas, perhaps for a work assignment, the Texas state law requires that the individual applies for a new license within 90 days. Registration of vehicles is within 30 days duration, and failure to comply can spell some hard penalties.

Will You Need A Lawyer?

If you were found driving without a license, that is a severe issue. Without wasting time, contact a local criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can. A reliable and experienced lawyer will guide you through the steps of your case. Also, you will get to learn about your right and how the law applies in your jurisdiction.


Every state in the US have their distinct laws regarding driving without a license, and the consequences always differ. To be on the right side of the law, avoid driving without a license. If you’re not of legal age yet, exercise patients as there is no need for a hurry. Not adhering to your state laws will dent your profile; it isn’t something you will admire in the long run.

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