Slip and fall injuries can happen to anyone. The sadder part is that at some point, it might not be your fault. However, it is crucial to know the steps to take in such an ugly situation. You will find these tips helpful, especially if the accident wasn’t your fault.

In cases where you’re not the victim, but a family or friend is, you will be able to guide such a person through these necessary five essential steps. Without wasting time, let’s begin!

  1. Seek Medical Condition

It doesn’t matter if the accident is your fault or not; your first step should be to seek medical treatment. Ensuring that you’re safe and healthy should be your top priority. Also, ensure that the injuries are properly documented. Those medical reports will be vital in the court. As usual, it determines your compensation.

  1. Preserve the Evidence

Immediately after the accident, one of the first things you should do is preserve the evidence. With your smartphones, you can take pictures and video recordings of your injury. Make sure they are saved in a place where no one can find it. Not to be paranoid but keeping them in a cloud-like Google Drive or Dropbox will be better. There have been some cases where evidence was tampered with by the other party. It would help if you didn’t give them a chance.

  1. Report the Accident

Irrespective of where the accident happens, in a shop, sidewalk, or perhaps at a friend’s house, report to the manager, owner, or landlord. It will help your case if you have a written statement of any of the people involved and make copies for safekeeping.  Before you leave for medical treatment, ensure you take pictures of the location of the incident and the injury.

  1. Decline Giving Statements

During this incident, the owner of the premises, the landlord or manager might want to get in touch. Remain calm and understand that you can choose to decline. For your best interest, you should refuse to give a statement relating to your accident, not even on social media. Before you start taking action, make sure you’ve spoken to a slip and fall lawyer.

  1. Hire an Attorney

During the cause of this legal action, the best person in your book should be a reliable and experienced lawyer. The majority of slip and fall accidents are often challenging to prove, and sometimes complicated. With the right lawyer and measures, you will get compensated for your plight. There are numerous lawyers in your locality. It will be in your best interest to choose one that fits the case.


Slip and fall injuries are common and can be severe, depending on the nature of the accident. Most likely, such an incident might not be your fault. Taking the right actions and steps will ensure you get the best help possible. By the end of the day, the best lawyer will ensure you’re adequately compensated and cared for.

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