Our Company’s Background

Tradition is one of the tenets upon which Campion, Curran, Lamb & Cunabaugh, P.C. is built. In 1851, Merritt Joslyn was admitted to the bar. When his son David followed him in his Woodstock practice in 1898, David was recognized as “one of the most capable, successful and resourceful attorneys who ever practiced in McHenry County.”

In 1914, Merritt’s grandson, David R. Joslyn, Jr. joined the family in the practice of law. Later in his career, David formed a law partnership known as Joslyn & Green, which in 1980 merged with the firm of Welsh, Holmstrom, Gaines & Lindstedt to become Holmstrom & Green, eventually becoming Holmstrom & Kennedy. The firm’s name has changed a number of times through the years evolving to Campion, Curran, Lamb & Cunabaugh, P.C., in 2009.