Numerous DUI lawyers are getting DUI charges dropped every day. If charged with DUI, you’re innocent until proven guilty in the law court. There are multiple ways you can beat a DUI case, and the most common route is identifying some legal loopholes and exploiting them. Although DUI laws differ from state to state, some legal defenses can help you fight a DUI charge irrespective of the case. Here are some best ways to beat DUI.

  1. Inaccurate DUI Blood Test

This defense is a formidable one used to beat DUI cases all around the world, including in the US. Blood testing for alcohol is to follow a strict regime or protocol to get an accurate result. But when a blood test sits for days before analyzing, it becomes a flaw.

That is because blood is an organic substance prone to decomposition because of enzymes and bacteria. When decay happens, this can create alcohol in the blood. If the technician in charge of the test fails to refrigerate the sample properly, it can also cause a blood sample with no alcohol to emanate a BAC reading of 25 or more. If there is an error in testing, your DUI lawyer can fight to have the blood samples removed as evidence.

  1. No Proof Of Driving

To accurately prove that you were driving under the influence, the persecutor has to prove that you were indeed driving. If the police found you in a parked car, but with no proof of driving, there is no case. If there was an accident involving your vehicle and no one saw you driving the car, proving you were driving becomes tricky for the persecutor.

  1. Involuntary Intoxication

If got drugged by someone without their knowledge, it can be challenging for the persecutor. For instance, someone was passing across something you believe to be a juice, not knowing it was alcohol.  This defense is great and would get you out of a DUI case. However, you can only claim involuntary intoxication if, indeed, it was unintentional.

  1. Mouth Alcohol

According to some studies of Breathalyzers, most of this equipment cannot accurately detect ethyl alcohol from other similar methyl group chemicals. In other words, it might detect mouth alcohol as actual alcohol. If you often take oral medication like Anbesol or perhaps takes asthma inhaler ingredient Albuterol, you’re prone to test positive to alcohol. Your DUI lawyer can use this defense to fight your case and get you free.

  1. Lack Of Mental Impairment

DUI experts believe that the effect of alcohol or drugs always appears as mental impairment. If a police officer can confirm that you exhibited physical impairment like slurred speech, red-eye, or unsteady gait, but not mental impairment, you have no case with the court.


To ensure you fight your DUI case and get free, you must hire a competent and experienced DUI lawyer. The best lawyer who understands what it takes will always help you beat DUI. Speak to us today for professional legal advice.

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