If your neighbor is fond of trespassing on your property, it might cause some concern and safety measures. When dealing with this issue, the course of action will always vary based on the situation. To help you deal with issues like this, we have compiled some helpful guidelines that will help.

  1. Talk To Your Neighbor

It might seem pretty hard, but talking to your neighbor about the situation could be the quick fix you’re looking for. By talking to your neighbor, you communicate your concern and often resolve the issue entirely without any legal battle.

If perhaps the neighbor is the hostile type who often overreacts, then you should follow your instinct. Talk to them one-on-one about the issue, or involve someone likely to help mitigate the situation.

By bringing the issue to the neighbor first, you can resolve the problem without damaging our relationship with the said neighbor. But not giving them a chance to respond might seem bad and can damage the relationship you both have.

  1. Talk To The Landlord

If your neighbor is renting their property, then the best line of action is talking to the landlord. Since the landlord might not be interested in any legal dispute, they are most likely to resolve the situation. Also, you get to maintain a good relationship without turning enemies.

If the landlord is savvy, they are likely to have clauses written into the leases that help curtail such behavior. By talking to the landlord, there might be no need to go to the police to file a complaint.

  1. Posting “No Trespassing” Signs

If you must discourage people from trespassing on your property, get a “No Trespassing” sign to enforce the law. When it comes to choosing a warning, there are numerous of them with diverse designs and sizes. Go for the one you can afford and have it posted. There are many signs on Amazon; you can also get it in a local store nearby.

  1. Contact The Police

Before you contact the police, you need to ensure you have enough evidence. It is to avoid a ‘your word against theirs’ situation. If possible, have some log on your neighbor’s behavior. You can do this electronically or through the paper.

Having video evidence of the situation is best since it eliminates any form of doubt. The more of these you have, the better chance you have at resolving the situation. Please do this as a last resort, especially when you’ve talked to the neighbor and landlord, and it didn’t yield results.


Finally, seek legal counsel before making any decision. It is to ensure you don’t make any mistake or rash decisions you might regret later. There are lots of attorneys that specialize in this area of law. If you believe a legal counsel is what you need, do not hesitate to contact us.

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