Deciding to file for a divorce is a major decision – one that comes after considering a lot of factors. Without careful consideration of those factors, you should never take the plunge into a divorce proceeding between you and your partner. We have put together four of the most important things you should consider before choosing to divorce. Check them out below:

  1. Should you separate legally instead?

Divorce is final, and it should never the solution to a temporary problem. If you and your spouse have hopes of settling your differences later, divorce is not the best option for you. One option you can explore with your spouse is a legal separation, which involves separating your properties and finances legally so that you can live apart without dissolving the marriage. Sometimes, during this separation, couples realize that they do not need to divorce, and then they come back together later. And it could also be the first step before the final dissolution of the marriage. The bottom line is separating first is always better than outright divorce.

In some marriages, one person depends on their spouse for health insurance and to keep getting those benefits; they have to stay married; thus, separation is usually the best option for them. So, know what works best for you.

  1. Put Important Documents together

When you have decided to move forward and get a divorce, before the process commences, you still need to do some things. Divorce is beyond just the feeling of leaving your spouse; it is a legal procedure, and it takes money, effort, and time. Get a head start by getting all relevant documents ready. Make copies of your income statements, tax statements, property documents, birth certificates, account statements, investment documents, and any other relevant document. Also, talk to your divorce attorney to know the things you will need.

  1. Have a Financial Plan

Divorce is expensive, and before you plunge in, think about how you are going to afford it. Hiring an attorney will help you make sure you get out of the divorce case without losing much, but you must be able to afford the legal fees. The more complex your divorce is, the more it will cost you financially.

Also, you should work out how your expenses will change when the divorce starts. Will you be able to live independently on your own? Will you be paying the mortgage in the marital home if you stay there? Will you need spousal support after the divorce? Just make sure you take a look at your expenses to determine what your position is once the divorce process starts.

  1. Making the process easier for your kids

If your children are minors, you have to think of how the divorce will affect them, and if there is anything to do to prepare them for the process. Children do not embrace changes easily and may display feelings like sadness, confusion, frustration, fear, and guilt. While these feelings are valid, they all must be dealt with healthily. Work out ways with your spouse on how to deliver the news to them and the plans for custody and staying in touch. Taking your children to a counselor is also an option that you should explore.

Before you make any major decision about your divorce, make sure you consult an experienced family lawyer. Get in touch with Campion, Curran, Lamb & Cunabaugh to discuss your case. Call 877 459 8440 today!