During child custody negotiations, reaching an agreement that is favorable to both parents is next to impossible in conventional courts. Usually, when the judge makes a verdict, the verdict may be unfavorable to both parents or favorable to one of the parents, and in the long run, the child suffers. This is why many parents try to avoid fighting for custody through the courts by all means. No parent wants to put the future of your child or children in uncertainty, and this is the reason most parents use a third-party mediator during child custody negotiations.

When you work with a negotiator, you and the other parent will negotiate until you both agree to the terms of the agreement. And above all, the agreement will be of benefit to the child and his or her future. Before you go and hire a mediator, you need to understand what the process entails.

How Mediation Works

As an alternative to litigation, mediation gives parents the opportunity to negotiate the custody agreement of their child through an unbiased third-party. A mediator can help in the settlement of preexisting arguments, proffering solutions to problems, and making both parents understand the child custody laws that apply to them, and possible compromise. And because the mediator is not in any way invested in the case, usually, the solutions and conclusions reached during the mediation process are accepted by both parents. The parents are allowed to come to the negotiation with their family or divorce lawyers, as the case may be.

Mediation, when compared to litigation process is more favorable.  Mediation allows both parties to continue negotiating until they are both satisfied with the terms of the agreement. Meanwhile, in conventional court, the decision of the judge is binding, and sometimes not favorable to any or both parties.

Benefits of Mediation for Child Custody

Mediation takes into cognizance a number of issues pertaining to the family and the child, such as visitation, child custody, child support, spousal support, and even divorce. Mediating child support has proven to be helpful compared to other processes because you get to reach an agreement that suits you and the other parent, and is structured around your schedules while at the same time prioritizing what’s best for your child.

Some of the benefits of Mediation include;

  • Offers more privacy than litigation
  • Quicker than litigation
  • Discourages contention
  • Less expensive than litigation
  • Encourages negotiation
  • The parents are in charge of their parenting plans
  • Helps both parties find creative solutions

In case you want to go the way of mediation when negotiating the custody of your child, it is important you know how to make the most of the process. For instance, it is advisable that you come with your personal lawyer who will assist you in the process. The lawyers will explain the technicalities attached to the process, interpret the law, and inform you of your legal rights in case the other party is trying to circumvent the process to their own advantage.

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