If you’re having issues collecting child support from your ex-partner, you probably should stick around this page. Numerous studies suggest that most people never receive any child support. According to the U.S Census Bureau, over 26% of all child supports is never paid.

If your ex-spouse has defaulted in paying child support, what do you do? What are the legal options there for you? This article will serve as a guide to what you can do if child support is not paid.

Work With Child Support Services

You will need to work with child support services since they help parents to collect child support services. When your ex defaults in payment, they can take specific measures to ensure that payments are not missed.

If you already have a child support order from the court, you can contact the CSS office in your areas to open a case. Having an experienced lawyer guide you through the process might serve in your best interest.

CSS ensures that the nonpaying parents comply by withholding income, social security, unemployment, etc.

Sometimes, they can place liens on the parent’s property or even deny insurance and passport renewal.

A lawyer can help you enforce child support enforcement.

Although you will get some help from the CSS, you will need an experienced lawyer to make the process even faster.

An attorney will be able to represent and advocate on your behalf, even exercise some legal options that are ideal for the situation. Here are some of the ways a lawyer can help if child support is no going coming.

  1. Filling A Motion For Judgment

Your attorney can help you file a motion, asking the court to enter a judgment against the nonpaying parent. If successful, the court will consider various means of collecting child support.

  1. Wage Garnishment Order

Your lawyer can also help you file this order, which instructs nonpaying parent’s employer to send a certain amount to you from every paycheck. It can be done directly or perhaps through CSS.

  1. Write Of Execution

This order gives law enforcement agents the authority to seize and sell the nonpaying parents‘ properties for violating a court order. The money realized from the assets will be sent to you as payment for child support.

  1. Motion For Contempt

With this type of motion, you’re asking the court to find the nonpaying parent to violate the court’s order. In most cases, this can lead to the defaulting parent serving some jail time.


If your ex-spouse or partner fails to pay child support, the best way to go about this is through a skilled attorney. Due to their wealth of experience, a lawyer can help you find the appropriate motion that gets results quickly.

Are you looking for a lawyer to help in this process? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote. Through consultation, we will determine the best way to help you get child support.

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